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        Embroidering a logo is always a great way to decorate hats or polo’s for both personal and professional occasions and can go on most articles of clothing. Bring us your blankets for names, towels for monograms, or hats and polo’s for an upcoming event or a business. It is all done in house and we are willing to work with you to meet any specific deadline.

Have your own logo? Great, we can help! Bring us your artwork, and we will get you a free price quote.

Here’s how it works. Digitizing is a process through which artwork files are converted into a stitchable design. It is a one time set up cost and after that your only cost is per piece. Cost of the set up varies by how large and complicated it might be. If it is something simple, average cost ranges from $20 to $35 to set up. Per piece price can go anywhere from $4 to $8 for simple things and more for larger more complicated pieces. If you would like a free non obligation quote, just shoot us an email! Feel free to stop by or call us with any questions.

Have any questions about embroidery? Please don't hesitate to 

give us a call at our Port St. Lucie location. (772)-429-7454

More Fonts and Colors Available!

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